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Paradigm Beach

by Max Paul Maria

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THE BIG VACATION When we were talking about history we meant the history of the winner when we were talking about history we meant the story of mankind then one afternoon in may brought the heat and the silence structures and terms dissolved and everything stopped making sense It started out so nice a great constellation just sit back and watch the world turn on the big vacation See the power of the image and the power of the word see the complexity of systems the joy and sorrow in the world in the city of last things there´s nothing left to say the things that are standing in my way pretend to be my second nature and you – well you just like to talk I think I´m going for a walk cause walking is still honest And that´s us a wild combination jumping through the mirror into the big vacation Are the limits of my language the limits of my world? the hard brilliance of surface the promise of the real
A SPORT AND A PASTIME I guess you´ll have to love your questions when the answers aren´t there magic and meaning all around us here, there and everywhere Oh how we remained strangers falling in and out of love a mystery that no one knows where does love go when it goes? A sport and a pastime how I wish it would last this time You built your house right on the border a house no one can ever stay following some silent order divided till the end of days The unmarked state beyond distinction called or not god shall be there this mystery no one can say save it for a rainy day
HOUSE OF LOVE You were always my favorite as I watched you from afar I bowed and left you standing there a smile hard like a scar You said there was a spy in the house of love well I caught your spy on the rooftop sending death from above Time and a hammer again all that we built reduced to rubble in our hands we failed like children fail somewhere along the way we were led astray Honest like a blue man steady on his way gentle like a blue moon in the merry month of May A certain kind of loneliness as you go along a certain kind of poverty when the day is done That night you found a black crow it had a broken wing and of course it wouldn't sing hate to say I told you so I´m gonna be more careful next time somebody makes me a king so let a bird pick your future let the beggar be your friend for what waved farewell in the evening in the morning might not be back again Sometimes it gets so hard to do anything at all nothing belongs, no poem no song ever means a thing And I don´t deny it I wanted this to end now that we are surrounded I miss my wildest friend And how the weather changed me every day life starts anew I know you´re sorry and I´m sorry too
COPS 02:40
COPS Boots, gloves and badges patrol the streets while I think about you and what you do and what you chose not to with your back against the wall feet on the ground, head in the sky you´re beautiful I wonder how and why it got so late in history and will we ever learn? in this country where the ovens never ceased to burn so much was lost in the fire and then COPS tell me something about identity COPS it´s in your blood it´s in your head COPS your service is to the capital COPS CUM EX, FRONTEX, tear gas, Mercedes Benz cars fully erect Trump Towers and golden showers I´d piss on you too welcome to the greatest show on earth where war tastes like dry Martini I won´t sing, you won´t sing, the birds won´t sing for nothing steal a little and they´ll throw you in jail steal a lot and they´ll make you king and then COPS tell me something about identity COPS this crooked grin under your riot gear COPS my modern Don Quixote COPS white skin black leather let´s go
A SILKEN THREAD She said 'when you say you want me - what do you mean? And back then when I wanted where have you been?' Now our distance is the distance of planets I´ve got blood in my eyes for you and me too ain´t nothing to do impossible me, impossible you This love, so much like a class war and I´m the working man this love, so much like a gamble you can´t win with a losing hand and now our nearness is a clumsy dance given all to chance I´ve got blood in my eyes for you and me too ain´t nothing to do impossible me, impossible you
SIDI IFNI 1974 Sidi Ifni 1974 born on the boulevard red soil, turmoil, dead end the laughter of kids playing in the yard Oh what a thing to say we've lost ourselves along the way My brothers here, they're not afraid they've lost what can be lost unforgiving sun, pack your stuff and run from what soon will be desert too Oh what a thing to be forever lost, lost at sea So I cross the sea, that seperates you from me just like I promised days before I spot, washed up on the shore a shoe that you once wore Oh what a thing to say we've lost ourselves along the way oh what a thing to do what makes me different from you?
Orphans 03:26
ORPHANS (Il ne rèste qu´à chanter) When I´m waiting in their rooms when I walk along their streets when I´m sleeping in their beds when I share their needs when I feel a little lost travelling their world rambling hollow like a ghost losing myself in words I´ve been out walking under stars and under moons though it´s always today tomorrow always comes too soon I say wind to give us music and moon to give us light will to keep on pushing forward love to guide us through the night I´ve got this shivering inside of me I´ve got this longing in my heart and no matter where I am it´s always longing for abroad Thrown into this world like orphans we´ll have to pay the cost at times it get´s so hard to tell if we´re free or just lost I´m far away I´m on the rise I think tomorrow maybe it´s all gonna be alright
PARADIGM BEACH Like a Zen archer aiming at the center of myself like Harry Dean Stanton drinking from the well I´m breathing in, I´m breathing out again Like Duchamp I am a breather, I´m a respirateur I climbed the mountain because it was there Bruce Lee told me just be water my friend liquid life, liquid love, liquid means to an end Beyond all space and time beyond all right and wrong there´s a field - I´ll meet you there Here in the long now where the spirits meets the bone which player plays us, who sets the tone? Here on Paradigm Beach castles made of sand life is very long, you wake up early with a plan One perfect line on a deep blue day nothing was lost when we gave it all away you mutter underneath your breath 'nothing is revealed' when you erase meaning and sound – what do you hear? Mercy Mama how do I get rid of myself? No gods no masters but life itself
LIFE UPON A HILL Life upon a hill turning into one man not yet a man the world not yet a world but every morning comes the sun Time out of mind floating round and round everywhere I´ll see you there Keep all your lovers and all lovers be friends stay between the sheets until you meet your end I can see them still and they still speak to me A table chair and bed what else do you have to have? A life a love a song to be sung when I´m gone a life upon a hill
AMERICAN FRIEND Pull over, it´s over the thrill is gone a last word, a last kiss and then it´s done what a long and strange trip it´s been so long, I´ll see you on the day when Love is gonna rain down on all of us from a great height this weight, this heavy load you gotta let it go Violent bodies riding through the night chasing each other on this highway of light love me or leave me is what they say what makes a man start fires anyway? Love is gonna rain down on all of us from a great height this weight, this heavy load you gotta let it go


released March 25, 2022

All songs written by Max Paul Maria

Recorded, mixed and produced by Sid Vision
at Grandpa's Smoky Cellar Studio Berlin 2022
Mastered by Andy Schlegel | Uplift Mastering

Picture by Yonder Void
Design by Markus Mrugalla | UNA NAU

Max Paul Maria – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano
Sid Vision – Drums, Bass, Synths, Additional Vocals, Percussion
Mahan Mobashery – Piano, Rhodes, Organ
Robert Jakob – Piano
Thomas Prestin – Clarinet, Saxophone
Göksu Baysal - Bass
Juls Kirchmer – Drums
Marco Damaschek – Drums
Benedikt Gramm – Drums

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.


all rights reserved



Max Paul Maria Berlin, Germany

Max Paul Maria is an acclaimed songwriter, touring musician and session guitarist from Berlin. Focusing on strong and meaningful songwriting, his music combines down to earth folk honesty with the grit and soul of seventies rock and the snotty attitude and urgency in delivery of a political punk song. ... more


  • Nov 20
    Graz, Austria

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